Wellbeing day at Bedgebury spa & retreat in Kent.

"Bedgebury" Wellbeing Day


Step 1 – Forest Bathing

Step 2 – Yoga & Exercise

Step 3 – Balance & Nutrition

Step 4 – Rest & Relaxation

Step 5 – Self Care & Massage

Step 6 – Feel Good Photography Session

Wellbeing Day at Bedgebury in Kent

Bedgebury owner, Gabriella, is a great believer in finding time to pause, reset and savour away from the pressures of daily life. Her Kent estate boasts 12 acres of stunning woodland in an area of outstanding natural beauty; the perfect place to escape.

Over the years she has built up wellness retreat facilities offering yoga and mindful movement classes, forest bathing and woodland retreat spaces. Come lose yourself in some of the most peaceful surroundings the Kent countryside has to offer.

This Wellbeing Day at Bedgebury Retreat in Kent has been carefully designed and are hosted by Gabriella herself. Aimed primarily at women yearning for a break from their daily routine to unwind and re-energise, they are also available and encouraged for men or even couples.

It includes a day of gentle, therapeutic exercise with woodland walks and yoga, conversation and companionship, nutritious food and creative therapy to help nourish the body and soul to leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

A typical Wellbeing Day

Step 1 - Forest Bathing

Lose yourself in the simplicity of nature.

Science has in fact proven that time spent in the forest surrounded by trees can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and anger; strengthen the immune system; improve cardiovascular and metabolic health; and boost overall wellbeing.

We’ll begin your wellbeing day with a restorative walk to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Bedgebury Park’s woodland area. Here we can focus on how deep and lasting changes can be made through connecting with nature far away from your usual daily routine.

With Gabriella as your guide and companion, this activity gives you time out to naturally unwind and focus on anything that comes to mind, while fully immersing in the simplicity of nature.

Gabriella’s yoga practice is personalised and will incorporate meditation and physical postures. This will not be a strenuous practice. Instead, the focus will be on grounding after your restorative walk in the forest.

In step two, you can indulge in a gentle yoga or mindful movement session that is tailored entirely for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or fully committed yoga practitioner, Gabriella will ensure you relax and recuperate with a one-on-one class to connect mind and body through movement, physical postures, meditation and breath work.

This session will be held in Gabriella’s yoga studio, a permanent state-of-the-art bell tent in the forest, created so clients feel a deeper connection to nature rather than within the constraints of brick walls.

Step 2 - Yoga & exercise

Relax and unwind after your walk in the forest.

Step 3 - Balance and Nutrition

A delicious healthy meal prepared just for you.

For step 3, you can enjoy a balanced, nutritious meal, made especially for you and exactly how you like it! For many, the pure pleasure of having someone thoughtfully prepare a dish for you is rare, if not forgotten. So this is a moment to truly indulge and enjoy.

Gabriella will also pass on helpful tips and tricks on nutrition, food choices and the often overlooked importance of preparation – planning meals in advance really makes a difference to both body and mind.

After your meal, it’s time to simply sit back, relax and allow your body to digest. With stress changing the way our bodies digest food, taking time out after a meal is another important practice so many of us forget in our frenetic urban lives.

This moment of pause also offers another opportunity to share anything that a busy life normally suppresses, providing further clarity of mind and relaxation.

Step 4 - Rest and Relaxation

Allow yourself time to digest.

Step 5 - Self Care

Massage your cares away.

Feel relief and release with a mini massage to ease away any residual worries or anxiety.

This is followed by an invitation to have a warm shower before changing into a feel-good outfit and a fun hair and make-up pamper session.

Begin your relaxation with a self massage using warm Ayurvedic oil and counterbalance the effects of a busy lifestyle and help release unwanted toxin. Gabriella has a Biomag Lumina magnetic therapy device which is used in rehab, spas and sports clubs and is useful for relaxation, rehabilitation and improving sporting performance. Pick your program and take advantage of the latest technology.

After having spent the day relaxing and unwinding it is the perfect time to capture the moment. Memory recall and intention is so important and photos can help us remember special times. As a photographer, Gabriella will organise a photography session which is suited to your personal taste. This is a special day just for you and it deserves celebrating and remembering.

The aim here is to have fun, enjoy some ‘me’ time and have some beautiful, feel-good photos to take home, which you’re not only happy with but can share with friends and family too should you wish. More importantly, it will be a great memento of your wellbeing day at Gabriella’s wellness retreat.

Step 6 - Photography Session

A visual record to remember your special day.